A Brief Overlook | Chrono Cross

Crossing the Ocean


Out of all the JRPG’s I’ve played on the PS1, Chrono Cross may be the most brilliant and strange. In a console library dominated by classics from the genre, the game stands out among the rest by just being so, well, bizarre. As a sequel to Chrono Trigger you’d expect something more traditional, a title hoping to live up to the soaring heights of its genre defining predecessor. But the game itself is anything but typical, featuring a battle system unlike any others before or since, and a story that seemingly tries to make things confusing. When you look up anything about the game’s endings, you’ll find that most search bars will bring up Chrono Cross ending explanation as a secondary option. The game is a puzzle to say the least.

And yet, in spite of how obtuse it can be, whether it be because of the massive exposition dumps that dominate the game’s latter half, or the strange logic of its multi-dimensional mechanics, I can’t help but love it. Because at the end of it all, when you look past the Dragon Gods and supercomputers called FATE, Chrono Cross has a very well thought out message. Continue reading


Anime Lookout | Summer 2016

So you may be wondering why this post is a little later than usual. Well, due to a long vacation in Europe I missed every premiere until this week. Not that I’m complaining, I mean Europe is pretty amazing. Still, I felt kind of guilty considering Anime Lookout is my only consistent post series, so I tried to watch as many shows I could without completely short circuiting my brain. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the post!

P.S. I would probably be complaining about Berserk’s CGI right now, but I still haven’t watched the first season. Continue reading

Anime Lookout: Fall 2015

Well, it’s that time of year again! Yes, the time of year when hundreds of identical anime blogs post their generic season first impressions, and I’m surprisingly here to join in on the fun. Now let me be clear here, this list is mostly covering good first episodes. Sure, I checked out a few meh ones on here because I need to release my anger and frustration in some way, but for the most part I’m focusing on the shows I think will be the cream of the crop this season… Okay, maybe cream of the crop is a strong word, but they’re at least the one’s I currently recommend trying out. Anyways, let’s get this show on the road!

Continue reading

Bakemonogatari: Suruga Devil



Hey guys! It’s been a long time hasn’t it, heh heh heh… Yeah school started up, and because of that I’ve been having trouble finding the time to write anything except stuff for BraveNewMoe. So yeah, now that I’m into the groove of school I think I can start up with regular posts again, and what’s a better way to reboot my schedule than writing about the next arc of Bakemonogatari: Suruga Devil.? Nothing, that’s what! Let’s begin! Continue reading

Bakemonogatari: Hitagi Crab


Never before have I had such uncertain expectations for a show as I did going into Bakemonogatari. On one hand I had heard it was a unique artistic masterpiece, a fine work that searched deep into the human psyche with alarming clarity. The other side of popular opinion though told me that it was sexist, gross, fan service ridden show that hid it’s empty pretentiousness under a layer of otaku jokes and the artistic direction from certified loli-con pedophile Akiyuki Shinbo. This left me kind of bewildered at what to expect from the series, besides typical SHAFT animation and lots of over the top snarky dialogue.

So what did I think of Bakemonogatari’s first two episode arc: Hitagi Crab? Well I’m somewhere smack in the middle of the two major opinions. I don’t hate Bakemonogatari so far, it has some spectacular shot composition, and some interesting themes behind the artifice and quipping characters, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t start to hate it. At the end of the day, Bakemonogatari is a strange beast in that it features so many things I hate, and yet many of the other elements are so good that I can’t really make up my mind. Continue reading