Shelf Review | Welcome to the Ballroom Vol. 1


If any of you have looked at my MAL page, you’ve probably noticed that I’m not the biggest fan of shonen manga/anime. One Punch Man wasn’t one of my favorite shows that aired last year, and while I do have favorites in the genre, I can’t say my affection for them is all that strong. However, that isn’t to say I dislike shonen either! My Hero Academia won me over instantly with its lovable protagonist, I think Hunter x Hunter is genuinely complex and multilayered, and I’m a moderate fan of Haikyuu!! It isn’t that I don’t like shonen material, it’s just that in order for it to really grab me it’s got to stand out in terms of character or tone.

Which brings us to the topic of today’s Shelf Review, aka Welcome to the Ballroom Volume 1, which I bought in order to expand on my small manga library. The story starts off with all the typical plot points you’d expect from this kind of venture: a young protagonist who doesn’t know what he wants to do, a cute girl with a secret passion, and a lot of intense practicing. However what makes Welcome to the Ballroom work is its unique subject matter. Dancing is an often disregarded sport, and to see it portrayed in a competitive environment is refreshing. Continue reading


Anime Monthly: February 2015

Hey everyone, Stuart here, and welcome to my new post series which, as you can already see, is called Anime Monthly! Here on Anime Monthly I briefly talk about anime I finished in my backlog over the course of the previous month. Why did I decide to do this? Well I like to say it’s because it will help me remember these shows in the future, but the true reason is that I just want to get through my backlog quicker, and having a blog series about it will hopefully give me the incentive to try tackling more of these shows at once! Of course whether or not this will help me do that is questionable, but hey, it gives me something to write about in my free time; so why not?

Anyways, if you want to see my backlog list in detail, you can check out the Plan to Watch and On-Hold sections of MyAnimeList, or Hummingbird accounts. They have most of my backlog material, and if you’re curious, you can go check it out and see which shows on the list interest you! Also for a last minute note, these post will be split up into two sections, the normal section, where I just talked about the majority of the anime I watched, and the awards section, where I take about most notable anime of the bunch. Links to each anime’s MAL page will also be included. So with that all said let’s get this show on the road! Continue reading