Anime Lookout | Spring 2018 Part 2

Sigh… I wasn’t planning to have a post this sparse on anime titles, but unfortunately it seems like spring anime seasons just never work well with my schedule. Due to a combination of school finals, apathy, and general stress, I only ended up finishing two shows in the spring season. Obviously that outcome also partially comes down to personal preferences, since even many of the spring shows with good premieres lost me a few episodes in. Ultimately, I just didn’t find a lot of compelling material in the long run, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other people had a much better time over the past three months of seasonal material. Still, what we have now is an interesting set of anime that vary wildly in quality, each with some interesting high and low points. It may have been a rocky ride getting here, but hey, at least I’m writing something rather than nothing. Let’s get on with the show! Continue reading


Anime Lookout | Winter 2018 Part 2

Well, it’s that time again folks! After three months where I actually managed to write and publish one post every few weeks, we’re back to the typical loop of Anime Lookout content! This time we’ll be covering the shows I picked up in January, as well as a few two cour shows from fall 2016. To my surprise, I actually managed to keep my full slate this season. Excluding Devilman: Crybaby, which I finished but decided not to write about, every single cour and continuing show listed at the end of Part 1 is accounted for! I don’t know if that’s because I was in a particular savvy anime mood, or if my ability to schedule my free time has become more competent, but either way I have quite a few anime to talk about this time around. As usual, I won’t be covering two cour shows that started last season, which means you’ll have to wait until July for any finalized opinions about Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card and Darling in the FranXX. With those disclaimers out of the way though, let’s get on with the show! Continue reading

Anime Lookout | Spring 2018

Ah yes, spring time! The season when the flowers bloom and the sky is blue… Or if you live where I do, it’s the season of rainy days and lukewarm weather. Well, either way the main thing of importance is that we’ve entered yet another round of new anime releases!

Now I’m going to be honest, I tried to keep my slate a little smaller this season. Not because I’m tired of writing these posts, but because I’m trying to focus more on my back catalog rather than add even more shows to my week to week schedule. As such I decided to narrow down this list to titles I only had the utmost interest in. That still means I watched ten premieres, but hey, at least I tried. Anyways, I hope this post is helpful in your own search for new seasonal pickups. Let’s get on with the show! Continue reading

Anime Lookout | Winter 2018

Going into this season, I was not expecting to be pleasantly surprised. After the last few years of winter anime being mostly dry and boring, I found it hard maintain any kind of optimism for 2018’s first anime offerings. Yes there were some exciting returning shows, and even a new effort from the ever talented Masaaki Yuasa, but in terms of overall quality I wasn’t expecting much. And yet, I came out of this season with a fuller slate than I could have ever anticipated. Very few of these anime could be considered top tier sure, but the amount of solid slice of lifes isn’t exactly a kick in the pants either. There were some definite stinkers (this is a winter season after all), but considering my initial worries I couldn’t have asked for a more solid turnout.

Anyways, that’s enough with the preamble. Let’s get on with the show! Continue reading

Anime Lookout | Fall 2017 Part 2

You know considering how few anime I ended up finishing in the spring and summer seasons, I’m kind of shocked by how strong this year ended up being overall. In a lot of ways, the fall season salvaged 2017’s anime line up, with a whole bunch of franchise favorites dropping alongside a fresh slate of fantastic adaptations. In fact, I ended up dropping a lot of shows because there was just too much for me to reasonably keep track of. As such you may notice a lot of otherwise decent shows like Mr. Osomatsu 2 and The Idolm@ster: Side M aren’t featured here. If this had been a lesser season, I would have watched all of them to completion, but alas my motivation for them faded.

That being said, this leaves us with a list of shows that are frankly pretty fantastic. I hope you’re ready for a lot of compliments, because there isn’t going to be much negativity in the following entries. Anyways, let’s get on with the show! Continue reading

Anime Lookout | Fall 2017

Welcome back one and all to another season of Anime Lookout! As per usual, today we’ll be taking a look at a bunch of seasonal premieres, and boy oh boy, what a season this is. After a good few seasons of mixed to uninteresting preview content, we have a truly packed season filled with prestige titles, fan favorite sequels, and potential new blockbuster titles. To say I ended up watching a lot this season would be an understatement.

Enough with the preamble though, let’s get on with the show! Continue reading

Anime Lookout | Spring & Summer 2017 Part 2

Wow, I can’t believe it’s… October. Now I can already guess that many of you may be wondering what’s going on here. After releasing the very delayed Winter 2017 Part 2 post, some of you may have been expecting the Spring and Summer posts to come out sooner and not be combined together into some unholy word loaf. Well honestly the answer to this conundrum is shockingly simple: I just did not watch enough shows from the spring season to justify creating two posts.

Yeah, it turns out that in spite of my long current slate listed at the end of my first Spring 2017 post, that most of the shows I ended up watching were not one cour. I only ended up watching four shows from the season, and out of those four, three of them were two cour productions. As such it seemed like the best option would be combine two seasonal posts into one. Like killing two birds with one stone, you know?

Anyways, with that out of the way, I figure we should drop this rambling and get straight into the meat of things. Let’s get on with the show! Continue reading