Hello everyone this is Stuart111, or Stuart for short, and on this blog I talk about anime, and occasionally books, video games, or movies. Posts can range from free form reviews to write-ups on whatever I have on my mind at the time. It really depends on the topic.

The current main post series I work on are:

Anime Lookout: I’ve been doing this particular series since the Fall of 2015, and every new anime season write short impressions about a whole bunch of premieres. Each of these initial posts will get a Part 2 follow up at the end of their respective season where I explore my final thoughts on the few series I actually watched to completion.

Anime Monthly: A monthly post series where I delve into an anime that I’ve recently completed. It can be in my backlog, a re-watch, or even a seasonal show, but in the end these posts are just a fun way to keep me posting stuff every month.

Brief Overlooks: This series is basically my dumping ground for miscellaneous topics. Books, JRPGs, etc. Anything goes.

Shelf Reviews: In order to force myself to get through the media I buy, I have this series in which I review things on my shelf. It can be anything so long as it’s a piece of media I own.

MAL & Hummingbird


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