Archived Review: The Rescuers: Down Under



Yep, a follow up to my old Rescuers review! Now my writing had slightly improved by this point, but honestly it’s still probably not very good grammatically. It also didn’t help that I was kind of tired when I wrote this one. I had just wrote a review for Durarara!! the day before, but, for some god forsaken reason, I wrote this one anyways. So yeah, that’s probably why it’s bad. Then again, I don’t really remember this one so maybe it isn’t. I honestly don’t really care enough to remember.

That being said, I still agree with my opinion about this movie, it’s really underrated and great! I mean seriously everyone remembers the first one, which is pretty boring and bland, but no one ever talks about this one. It’s also the only official Disney sequel in history. Yes, you had the direct to video crap, but this one was actually made by Disney’s home animation studio, and not one of their TV subsidiaries. This is way more worth your time than the first, and if you have seen the first one you owe it to yourself to see this one. It has some stellar animation, direction, and it’s in general a really great adventure flick.

Old Review Commence!


On November 16th, 1990, Disney released their first feature film sequel in Theaters all across the world. Now you may be scratching your head, a sequel to the Rescuers, an already forgetful movie, why this must be why I don’t remember it. Well you are wrong reader! The reason nobody remembers this movie is because Disney did not market it after the poor box office income. So basically, Disney did not want you to remember it, but is it really that bad. Today, I plan to tackle this mystery and hopefully at the end of this you’ll be encouraged to watch this underrated classic. On with the review!

Actual Review:

The Rescuers: Down Under’s story is pretty standard, like the previous movie it follows Bianca and Bernard, members of the mouse rescue group: The Rescue Aid Society. In this movie however, the plot is not a boring tensionless mess, for you see the kid named Cody also gets focus. You see, Cody is a young boy living near the Australian Outback who one day rescues a great Gold Eagle from the top of a mountain. After having a magical flight on its back, which can only be described as visual eye candy, he receives a feather from the mother eagle as thanks for her rescue. Soon afterwards, he is captured by the poacher Percival McLeach, who wants Cody to lead him to the golden eagle.

Now this story sounds pretty standard and it is, but the execution is what really makes this movie shine. It’s because in this movie, like I said before, the kid is focused on more and it also has entertaining dialogue that keeps you watching. Not only this but at the same time we have Bernard, you see, the whole movie he’s trying to propose to Bianca but things keep getting in his way. This includes the Outback Mouse Jack, who is flirting with Bianca. This little subplot also adds entertainment to the movie, it gives it more of a reason to watch, cliché story aside.

There’s also the fact that the characters seemed to have gotten an upgrade. The new albatross for example, you see the previous bird Orville wasn’t really that funny, the new bird Wilbur (With the help of a performance by John Candy) is much funnier. Not only that, but like I said before, the Rescuers seem much more interesting this time around thanks to the romantic tension. It really received a nice upgrade from the previous movie.

Then there’s the sound, now like I said in my previous review of the original, I didn’t notice the music much. I must say though, if you do listen you’ll get a typically good adventure movie soundtrack. So basically, the soundtrack is good too.

Finally we have the animation, and let me say right off the bat, this animation is gorgeous. Probably some of the best I have seen out of a Disney 2-D animated film, and that’s saying a lot! Some scenes in the movie are absolutely beautiful to look at! Like that Eagle Scene I mentioned before, it’s massive in scale, fluid, and makes you feel like you’re flying. I mean every single scene the eagle is in amazes me, all the detail and scope of the whole thing is just great. Overall, some really great animation, probably some off Disney’s best.


Overall, The Rescuers: Down Under is an underrated classic from the Disney Renaissance Era. Despite its basic premise and ideas, the movie really shines in its animation and characters. Really this is a huge improvement over the bland, forgettable, dry, original. I would definitely recommend this to any Disney fan or animation lover in general, I mean it’s available for instant streaming on Netflix, you have nothing to lose.

Score: 9.0/10


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