Archived Review: The Rescuers



Ew. I reviewed this? Welp, I guess I did.

Yep, it’s weird to think that I wrote a review on a Disney movie, but I indeed did write a review on a Disney movie. Now I actually still completely agree with my opinion on this movie. It is indeed as dull as a brick and very uninteresting. That doesn’t mean this review is any good though. In fact from only a few lines I can gleam that this is some of the worst grammatical work I’ve ever done, and I’m not that good at grammar even today.

Yikes, if you want a review of Rescuers, please, don’t read this. If you want to know my opinion, it’s that this show is Disney at it’s worst. Boring, clean, dull, and so uninteresting that it makes Disney’s disastrous messes like the Black Cauldron look like Romeo and Juliet in comparison. Basically it’s a Disney movie from the 70’s.

But seriously, don’t read this old crappy review.

Old Review Commence!


On June 22nd, 1977 Disney released the animated film “The Rescuers” which was loosely based off the book The Rescuers and Miss Bianca by Margery Sharp. Now this movie was released during the slump Disney Animation Studio was having in the 70’s and 80’s. This was basically the time when Disney made films much slower and when they came out they weren’t very good. So with this being the case you would expect it to be bad wouldn’t you? Well you’d be close to right… You see The Rescuers biggest crime is being slow, unfocused, and just kind of bleh. With that said let’s dive into this shorter review!

Actual Review:

The basic premise of The Rescuers is that mice go to the United Nations center and have meetings with country representatives in “The Rescue Aid Society”. One meeting they examine a bottle which details a child kidnapping of a young orphan girl named Penny. Feeling exceptionally bad about this girls situation the Hungary representative Ms. Bianca decides to take the rescue case and asks the janitor Bernard to join her accompany her on the rescue mission. Along the way they meet up with some slightly interesting villains, a bunch of cutesy animals, and an albatross named Orvel.

So does that plot sound interesting, well it does to me, but when you see the actual movie trust me it’s almost the exact opposite. You see the whole thing is just kind of weird and has a lot of weird continuity issues. There mostly nitpicks but I just want to get them out of the way before I list all of my opinion on the plot, animation, ect. First I need to mention how the mice and animals can speak to the kid Penny but none of the adults in the film can. Plus there’s the fact that none of humans notice mice running around the floor in the airport or the UN meeting place. In fact the only humans that don’t do this are the villains. There’s also the fact that a couple times I swear they forgot to put feet on Orvel in the flying montage.

Anyways like I said before those are nitpicks (Also it’s a Disney movie a lot of those things are forgivable), now let’s analyze the plot and characters. The plot in case I haven’t told you already sounds interesting on paper but in the movie it’s almost as boring and awkward as a poorly paced book. You’d think it would be action packed and interesting but in reality all it is, is dialogue and exposition. The only action are reserved for the last third and even then they are really restrained. So no you must be saying, “Well if it’s not action packed it must have good and interesting characters for the dialogue?”, well surprise the characters aren’t that interesting. The chemistry between the supposed lovers Bianca and Bernard is almost nonexistent and the little girl while acting cutesy and realistically to the orphan and kidnapping situation is also pretty bland. The only interesting characters are the villains really and they almost have less of a personality than the other main characters.

It doesn’t help the villains, Medusa and Mr. Snoops, get almost minimal explanation for why they are doing what they do. You see they had to kidnap Penny to get this diamond in this hole in the ground because they themselves can’t fit into it, but why do they want the diamond. The movie never explains or elaborates on this plot point, this of course leaves only one stereotypical option: The villains are greedy and want money. I really hate this because I don’t think that wanting a diamond to get rich justifies the motivation of kidnapping a child. At least explain why they need the money movie!!!

In the end the plot is just kind of terribly executed. I guess its slightly interesting to see how this society works but besides that it’s just kind of slow and mediocre by Disney standards. It doesn’t help that the acting is also mediocre, I mean everyone in this movie just sounds like they’re under-acting or are bored with what they’re saying. What can I say besides bleh?

Now that were past that we can finish the review off with the quality of the other elements such as music, animation, and overall beauty, because animation isn’t all story and characters. So let’s start with the music since there’s not really much to say. You see the score is really just like an average movie soundtrack and none of the music in the score particularly stood out to me. The score overall was average.

Now there were some actual vocal songs in there though, the first was “The Journey (Who Will Rescue Me?)” that appears in the opening credits and to be honest I don’t remember already and its only been about an hour since I watched it. So to refresh my memory I listened to it again and to be honest it’s just the usual Disney opener you see in all their old movies. Secondly, there’s the song that plays at the end and during the flying montage called: “Tomorrow is Another Day”, which I actually do remember and while it’s pretty ok it also suffers from being cheesy and forgetful.

So with the music out of the way let’s get to the animation quality. Now I like the animation a lot its fluid and nice to look at as you expect from Disney, but alas I still find it to be quite underwhelming. You see the settings just aren’t interesting and a lot of things aren’t completely animated like the opening credits, which I can forgive but then there’s this one shot. It takes place soon after Orvel the albatross plane flies into the city… The cars aren’t moving. Would that be just too hard to animate? I wouldn’t think so, but it must have been considering they don’t move for that entire scene.

Besides that though the settings, like I said before just aren’t interesting. The swamp that over half the movie takes place in is boring a grey and the city is just a normal city. The only interesting designs for characters is the main villain Medusa and even then she just looks like a red haired version of Cruella De Ville. Overall the animation while good is just bleh because of it’s just forgetful…


The Rescuers is forgetful and bland. Like I said before the studio at the time wasn’t making very many good movies and they were just in a big slump. That being said though it at least has some good animation and there’s nothing terrible in there that a kid can’t watch, unless you count the alcohol reference with that Swamp mouse Luke as something offensive.  In the end is the movie terrible? No, but it’s far from anything amazing or groundbreaking. So in the end, The Rescuers, is a decent time waster that you should give to your kids if they want to watch something. Goodbye and thanks for reading.


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