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Hey everybody who somehow have found this site! Welcome to Overlooking View, the place were I blabber on and on about anime, video games, and every so often a book or movie that’s captured my attention. But mostly just anime. I don’t try to limit myself to a specific format for my posts, but you will see standard reviews, free from write-ups, and other things like that.

background porn natsuki

Now before you ask if I cover seasonal anime, well I do… But not on this blog. If you want to here me ramble on about Sword Art Online II, Barakamon, Ao Haru Ride, and Space Dandy 2nd Season, you can do so on Brave New Moe! I post stuff on there with a couple of other writers, so check it out. I hope you like it.

 mayoi tiger

Anyways, the agenda for this opening weekend is going to be Monogatari, and Archived Reviews. Now the archived reviews will start being posted today, and they are basically exactly what they sound like. Old, crappy reviews I posted on my now dead Tumblr blog (God I’m so glad I left that site); so take a look at those if you want. As for the Monogatari stuff, well I’m planning to subject myself to the entire Monogatari anime franchise, where I plan to make a post on each arc. I hope I’ll enjoy it!

persona4 arena

There may also be a Persona 4 Arena game review coming out this weekend, though I can’t guarantee that. At the latest that should be out by the end of next week. So I guess you can also look forward to that!

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